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New game coming out soon!

2009-05-11 16:12:24 by will-macey

I'm working on a new game that I will be releasing soon, hopefully along with a fine sponsor such as ArmorGames (but preferably Newgrounds).

I will post again when the game is out or if I have any updates :)

Check out my new version of Sheep!

2007-11-23 10:11:58 by will-macey

I decided to revamp some sheep graze at midnight because i felt the real intensity of the song wasn't felt the way i really wanted it to. I'm very happy with the outcome of this and I think you guys will be too. My plan is to make some more music for some of you folks here on NG for your more serious flash movies and games. If anyone wants some work done, send me a message. Here's a link to the new Sheep and a few older tunes: Clickie

Hey everyone.

2007-10-15 17:08:07 by will-macey

For those of you who haven't checked it out, Some sheep graze at midnight

Thanks for the support on my song guys. That's definately a step forward for me! I don't think it'll last up there that much longer but It's been #1 audio submission for almost a week. I never expected it to happen for this song, and now I feel a fresh batch of ideas coming for new material. Hopefully I can get some better recorded audio up soon for everyone. Thanks for the motivation guys :D